Adult Humpback Whale known as H573
Humpback whale near Cap-Gaspé
Fin Whales (adult and calf)
Unidentified Humpback Whale

Come Aboard The Narval III  For An Unforgettable Cruise!

humpback whale identified as Fleuret
© Christian Chevalier 

Board the Narval III  at the scenic Grande-Grave site (South Area) for a whale-watching adventure that will help make your visit to Forillon National Park of Canada a memorable one!

The exhilarating anticipation as you try to spot the huge back or tail of a breaching whale, the excitement of hearing their explosive blow or the privilege of watching acrobatic dolphins as they frolic in the waves may all be part of the experience.

This cruise offers you just the right combination of adventure and untamed nature coupled with guaranteed personal comfort and safety. It is also fairly exclusive since, unlike other whale-watching areas, at Forillon you can experience true intimacy with the whales without the hassle of other's you and the whales!

Cap Gaspé
© Croisières Baie de Gaspé

Accompanied by a professional interpreter-guide and a certified experienced captain, you will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating lives of these gentle giants of the sea.

Throughout the season, depending on the food available, as many as seven (7) different species can be seen in the waters of Gaspé Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence such as the Blue (The largest whale in the world), and the spectacular Humpback whale.

The scenic panorama of Forillon National Park's south shore unfolds before your eyes as you journey from the Grande-Grave heritage site to Cap-Gaspé where the renowned "Old Man" (the Vieux) stands watch at the easternmost tip of the long Appalachian Range. Cap-Gaspé, JF Bergeron, Parcs Canada, 2001
Cap-Gaspé, the end of the Appalachians
© Parks Canada,, JF Bergeron, 2001
the old man
The "Old Man", at Cap-Gaspé
© Denis Roy