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Tourist information


Forillon National Park of Canada

The Parks Canada official site where you will find all information necessary to your trip planning.


La route bleue de la Gaspésie

The Route bleue de la Gaspésie is a 700 km-long waterway around the peninsula with more than 150 boat launches, rest and emergency areas, sanitary stations and must-see tourist attractions to answer the needs of kayak and boat enthusiasts.




Camping Griffon

A campground with a view on the gulf of St. Lawrence. Located in the village of Anse-au-Griffon.



 Les Chalets du Parc

The Chalets  du Parc are all-equiped cottages, with some offering a spectacular view of the Bay of Gaspé.


The Motel du Haut Phare

The Motel du Haut Phare provides view and access to one of the most beautiful sites in Québec, Forillon park. Click here for package deals.


Camping des Appalaches

A camping located in Rivière-au-Renard. 117 sites in a natural setting that will charm you.

Griffon Aventure

Our cozy chalets and our wild campground located near Forillon park, will fill your stay in all simplicity ..


Griffon Aventure

Canyoning, famous activity of the summer of the adventure hostel. Fishing at sea, the perfect opportunity to fish for mackerel and cod. Bike rental and snorkelling equipment to explore the area.


Science and Research

Whales On-line

The GREMM’s site, a non-profit organization founded in 1985, dedicated to scientific research on the marine mammals of the St. Lawrence and education for the conservation of the marine environment.



Find out more about the Leatherback Sea Turtle and other species of sea turtles encountered in the Gulf and Estuary of St. Lawrence. You are invited to contact this research group to report all sightings of sea turtles in Québec.


Whale Photography


Jacques Tournel, photographer

Mr. Jacques Tournel came aboard the Narval III on September 28 2005 and shot on that day many stunning images that he generously agreed to share with you on this site. Visit his pages here and here.


Oktay Kaya, photographer

Mr Oktay Kaya is an animal photographer who frequently boards our vessel to capture images of the Bay of Gaspé whales. Witness his passion for whales by visiting his web site.