Safe Cruises and Environment (covid-19)

Our Commitment

At Croisières Baie de Gaspé, your safety remains our priority. In addition to our usual rules, we have introduced additional measures so you can enjoy a memorable cruise experience while ensuring your safety and that of other passengers. We thank you for respecting all posted instructions during your visit with us. Help us keep you healthy!


At Croisières Baie de Gaspé, we have adopted the following measures (approved by Public Health) to protect you, as well as our employees:

  • When boarding, all guests must notify us of their current health to ensure that they do not pose a risk factor to other passengers.
  • Wearing the mask is mandatory for guests aged 10 years and older during boarding and on the ship, as social distance is not possible on board the boat. (Please bring your mask)
  • We also ensure compliance with distancing practices in relation to Quebec’s public health guidelines at our box office.
  • Hand sanitization is mandatory for each passenger at boarding and disembarking. We are also putting an increased emphasis on disinfecting and sanitized all key locations, both at our ticket office, on the wharf, on the bridge and on the ship.
  • Before each workday, all our employees must undergo a health check-up.